What’s New in this Release : Generating WebWorks Reverb Output
Generating WebWorks Reverb Output
If you are publishing to the web help format called: WebWorks Reverb, then these items may pertain to you.
Client-side Search allows relevance configuration by style
WebWorks Reverb now allows you to add a relevance weight to all your Paragraph and Marker Styles from the UI changing the “Search relevance weight” option, so you can control the relevance ranking in your Search Results.
PDF and HTML file indexing for Client-side Search
WebWorks Reverb now indexes the content of PDF and HTML baggage files and packages your baggage files as part of the output. Reverb can also index external links, and you’ll get the content of those indexed as well, and they will show up in your Search Results. As you can see in your Target Settings you now have a new Group Setting with all the settings related to Baggage Files that can be defined.
Client-side Search allows relevance weight on your HTML baggage files too
Now you can also control the relevance weight of your tags in your HTML baggage files overriding just one file.
New Baggage Files report for managing Reverb search indexing
Reverb offers new reports on baggage files based on what it will be shown on your Search Results, warning about missing titles and summaries.
New Baggage Files list for better management of non-source files
In case of PDFs it might be useful have a file where you define the title and the summary for that kind of baggage file (since you can’t modify a PDF file), or maybe you just don’t want to index specific baggage files, or perhaps it’s just that you don’t have them linked in your source documents but you still want to index and package them in your Output. For all these, Reverb offers a solution just creating an XML file containing all that information. In your Target Settings you have to define where is located that Baggage Files, under the setting “Baggage files info list”.
Easy way to highlight Search Results in a Baggage File
Not only it would be nice to show in your Search Results the baggage files that match the search phrase, but also to click in that result and see in the document itself the highlighted words. Well, Reverb now has a solution for this, you just have to reference from your baggage file a script file we offer for this.