Customizing Stationery for Output Format-Specific Features : Customizations Specific to WebWorks Reverb
Customizations Specific to WebWorks Reverb
Changing the Appearance of WebWorks Reverb
Format Settings for WebWorks Reverb
Selecting an Alternate Skin for WebWorks Reverb
Customizing the Top-Level Entry File
Customizing the Splash Page in WebWorks Reverb
Using Context-Sensitive Help in WebWorks Reverb
Configuring a Google Search Engine for Reverb
Configuring Client-Side Search for Reverb
Configuring Microsoft IIS Search for Reverb
Searching WebWorks Reverb - URL Method
Incorporating Google Analytics for Your Reverb Files
Configuring Commenting and End-User Feedback for Reverb
You can customize the appearance and behavior of WebWorks Reverb in several ways. For example, you can customize the colors and images, and toolbar buttons displayed in the browser. The following sections describe these WebWorks Reverb-specific customizations. For more information about changes you can make to multiple output formats, see “Checklist: Design, Deploy, and Manage Stationery”.