Customizing Stationery for Output Format-Specific Features : Customizations Specific to WebWorks Reverb : Configuring a Google Search Engine for Reverb : Steps to Create a Google Search Engine
Steps to Create a Google Search Engine
1. Visit the URL: From here you will either manage your existing Google Search engines or add Google Site Search.
2. If you have not previously created a Google Search engine, then select the Add Google Site Search button, otherwise simply select the link labeled: Manage my account.
Note: You are required to have a Google account when working with any Google service.
3. You will now see a screen that displays all of your Google Search engines. Now you can create a unique search engine just for the output you plan on creating using the WebWorks Reverb format. To begin, select the link labeled: New search engine....
a. In the Name field, specify a name that uniquely identifies the one or more help volumes that you plan to provide search functionality.
b. In the Sites to search field, specify the full path of the top-level entry URL for your Reverb help output. The URL must fully specify the location on the Internet that will allow the Google search-bot to know which files are to be indexed for this specific search engine. Files located outside of this path will not be included in the search engine. For example, the URL of a Reverb deployment with the entry URL value of: would have a URL path pattern value of:*.
Note: The “*” is a wildcard that tells Google to include all files within this hierarchy of files, which is how Reverb is designed to function. There are other ways to include or exclude files within a Google Search engine, but using the “*” wildcard method requires the least configuration.
c. If you want to prevent all ads from displaying in your help system’s search results, then for the Editions field, select the Site Search option.
d. Select the Next button to advance to the next step.
e. On the next screen again select the Next button.
Note: Since WebWorks Reverb will be displaying the final search results, there is no requirement to customize the style or get the Custom Search element code. You are now ready to publish your Reverb help volumes.