Designing Input Format Standards : Designing Adobe FrameMaker Formats and Standards
Designing Adobe FrameMaker Formats and Standards
Creating Standards to Support Single-Sourcing
Planning for Importing Elements Across Files
Paragraph Formats in FrameMaker
Character Formats in FrameMaker
Bulleted and Numbered Lists in FrameMaker
Image Formats and Considerations in FrameMaker
Table Formats in FrameMaker
Cross Reference Formats in FrameMaker
Markers in FrameMaker
Variables and Conditions in FrameMaker
Page Layouts in FrameMaker
Reference Pages, Table of Contents, and Indexes in FrameMaker
Automation and Scripting in FrameMaker
Adobe FrameMaker provides a comprehensive publishing solution with XML-based structured authoring. You can develop the templates you need to deliver polished technical documentation for large product libraries. FrameMaker allows you to create both structured and unstructured content. You can also create DITA-compliant content.
This section describes the design considerations for a FrameMaker catalog and template files. By effectively designing your FrameMaker template, and by consistently applying formats throughout your source documents, you can streamline single-sourcing processes and reduce your production and maintenance costs. This section does not describe all FrameMaker processes, but it focuses on the design considerations related to ePublisher.