Designing Input Format Standards : Designing DITA Usage Standards
Designing DITA Usage Standards
Using DITA Standards to Support Single-Sourcing
Mapping DITA Classes to ePublisher Styles
Defining Online Features with DITA
Customizing the DITA DTD
DITA Specialization
DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture) is an XML-based format for creating and publishing technical content. DITA leverages the strengths of XML and provides a standard set of element definitions used to create technical content. Within the topic types based on the standard topic definition, DITA specifies the information elements used to define the content, such as the title, paragraph, table, and list elements.
This section describes the design usage considerations for DITA source documents. By reviewing how ePublisher processes DITA source documents, you can streamline single-sourcing processes and reduce your production and maintenance costs. This section does not describe all DITA details, but it focuses on the design and usage considerations related to ePublisher.