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Modifying the Appearance of Paragraphs
The Prototype Style for Paragraphs
Setting the Background Color of a Paragraph
Setting the Border Style and Color of a Paragraph
Setting the Font for a Paragraph
Setting the Width, Height, and Positioning of a Paragraph
Adjusting the Space Around a Paragraph
Setting the Text Color and Other Characteristics of a Paragraph
Modifying Paragraphs for Bidirectional Languages
Disabling Autonumbering in Output
Defining the Appearance of Notes, Tips, Cautions, and Warnings
Adjusting Paragraph Styles for Wiki Markup
One of the most common modifications for online output is changing the appearance of text. Using Style Designer, you can select a paragraph style and then define the appearance of that style. This efficient method allows you to globally change all paragraphs with the same style at once, which increases your control and reduces maintenance costs.