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Defining the Appearance of Images
Supported Image Formats
Image Quality and Processing
The Prototype Style for Images
Defining Graphic Styles
Setting the Border Style and Color of an Image
Modifying the Width, Height, and Positioning of an Image
Adjusting the Space Around Images
Using Thumbnails for Images
Setting the Maximum Width and Height for Images
Modifying Image Size by Scale
Modifying Image Resolution
Setting Color Bit Depth
Choosing an Image File Format and Quality Level
Creating Grayscale Images
Setting Transparency for .gif and .png Images
In general, ePublisher automatically transforms images from your source document to an optimized version for online distribution. However, if necessary, you can manually modify individual images or groups of images by applying a graphic style to the specific image or images you want to control. For example, you can define how images are resized, the maximum height and width for images, and the format for those images.