Producing Output Based on Stationery : Understanding Baggage Files
Understanding Baggage Files
Baggage files are PDF or HTML documents (such as documents with these extensions: .htm, .xhtml, .xhtm, .shtml, .shtm) referenced from your source documents, but not contained in the ePublisher project as a Source Document, that means a file that has been generated independently of WebWorks that has been linked from somewhere in a source document. Baggage Files will be indexed and packaged within your Output folder.
Note: In Target Settings > Links > Baggage File Target, specify whether you want the link to open in the same browser window or in a different window. There are several other options, see “Baggage File Target”.
Note: Set Target Settings > File Processing > Insert Mark of the Web (MOTW) = Disabled. Otherwise, the link will fail in Internet Explorer on the local file system. It will work in other browsers. It will work in IE on a web server.
Note: Baggage files will only be generated if you have the Client-side Search option ON in WebWorks Reverb, see “Client-side Search”.