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Google Settings
These settings apply only to the WebWorks Reverb output format. This allows for better tracking of how users are using your help system via Google Analytics. For more information on how Google Analytics is used please refer to the following webpage:
The settings in this category are defined as follows:
Google AdSense ID
Specifying an AdSense ID enables users to monetize Google Search results
Google Analytics Identifier
Enables the use of Google Analytics to measure page activity. Requires that your end-users have a connection to the Internet so that Google’s tracking urchin can loaded within their browser. For more information see this resource.
Google API key
Allows users to leverage extended capabilities associate with non-generic Google APIs
Google Search
Enables support for Google Search. Requires your output to be deployed on a public-facing web server.
Note: You can create a site search that is either fee-based or free with ads. To find out more information, first log in to your Google account and then go to the website On this page, there will be a radio option to select “Standard Edition” (free) or “Site Search” (fee based). ePublisher can use either type of site search.
Google Search Identifier
Allows Google Search to target specific areas of your website
Google Translation
Enables support for the Google Translate web service. Requires your output to be deployed on a public-facing web server.