Window Descriptions : Main ePublisher Window
Main ePublisher Window
Document Manager
Output Explorer
Start Page
Log Window
Preview Window
Document Designer
Style Designer
The WebWorks ePublisher Platform (ePublisher) is a powerful, comprehensive solution that delivers cost-effective processes for efficiently publishing and maintaining online and print information. ePublisher gives you the flexibility to deliver content from multiple types of source documents, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA, in virtually any output format you need. The open, standards-based architecture provides a powerful engine that does not lock your content in a proprietary format that can become outdated as tools and standards change.
The main ePublisher window connects you to the many powerful features found in ePublisher. This window includes the following subwindows:
* “Document Manager”
* “Output Explorer”
* “Start Page”
* “Log Window”
* “Document Designer”
* “Style Designer”