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Power Hour - April 2011

DITA - Understanding how ePublisher works with DITA content

Over the past few years, DITA has become synonymous with topic based authoring and standards based publishing. Some folks believe that options for publishing DITA content begin and end with the DITA Open Toolkit. ePublisher offers flexible publishing options for authors who require high-quality publishing with GUI ease of use.

This session dives into the low-level details of ePublisher's DITA support. Our discussion explores how ePublisher maps structure to styles, handles DITA specialization, and reviews options for generating web help + PDF from DITA sources.

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  • Slides (Power Hour - April 2011.ppt)
  • Project (Power Hour - DITA.zip)
  • XPath samples (XPath_Play.zip) for use with the WebWorks XSL Transforms Toy
    1. Bookmark your session so you can return to it in the future.
    2. Cut/paste your .ditamapwif file in as the source document (sample provided as "hierarchy.ditamapwif")
    3. Cut/paste the contents of "xpath.xsl" on the right-hand side.
    4. Modify the match template (<xsl:template match="*">) to debug your XPath expressions.

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