RoundUp General Sessions

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Welcome Keynote Recording Slides For RoundUp 2008, our theme is Agile Publishing, chosen for this year's conference because of the many ways that ePublisher can enable Agile practices for documentation and publication teams. In this keynote presentation, I will present how Agile relates to the documentation process and how your organization can use ePublisher as part of an Agile Publishing methodology. If you have not worked in an Agile environment before, then this presentation will be a good introduction, otherwise it is a good overview of how ePublisher can be used to enhance your team's agility.
Operations Keynote Recording Slides As the WebWorks team itself has moved to an agile development model that allows us to deliver product enhancements on a regular quarterly schedule, we have also realized that the agile methodology impacts many different parts of the company's operations. In this presentation we'll share with you some of the changes that we have introduced to help streamline our communications with our customers and partners.
Product Futures Keynote Recording Slides In 2008, expanded the capabilities of the ePublisher platform with support for new content sources and additional delivery formats. Starting with the course charted at RoundUp 2007, delivered FrameMaker 8, DITA-OT 1.4, Eclipse Help, and publish to Wiki capabilities via consistent quarterly release cycle. This session reveals where the ePublisher platform is headed in 2009 and what you can do to help keep ePublisher on course.
Twisted ePublisher Recording Slides Instead of an experienced developer steering a session on an ePublisher topic, Twisted ePublisher will be steered by an ePublisher user who doesn't know yet the topic very well. Working real-time in ePublisher and solving a real-world problem as we watch, our presenter will be able to ask live questions of the WebWorks development and support team. Interested in being the Twisted ePublisher presenter? E-mail us at and let us know what kind of project you'd like to work on.
WebWorks Roundtable Recording The WebWorks executive team will be on hand to answer your questions about the current and future state of the ePublisher union. So take your best shot: The only thing missing will be carnival-style beanbags and vats of water! After the RoundTable we'll wrap up the conference with the announcement of contest and raffle winners and other fun stuff.