RoundUp WebWorks Track Sessions

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Delivering to Multiple Audiences Recording Slides Learn about the use of conditional text, variables, and other audience-specific content.
Multi-Sourcing Frame, Word & DITA Recording Slides Content comes to a technical writer from all different directions in different authoring environments – e-mails, MS Word, FrameMaker, and more. This content must reach the audience in multiple delivery formats (PDF, online help, Web site, intranet) quickly with a consistent look & behavior; it is also importation that this process is repeatable because as soon as the content has been delivered it starts again. This presentation will take content from multiple sources and place it into a process that will produce a single consistent deliverable.
Inside Tech Support Recording Slides Troubleshooting tips & tricks! With case studies, little-known tips, and examples you can use, Senior Support Consultant Lauren Lever will share her strategies for troubleshooting and resolving all manner of ePublisher issues. Error messages, output problems, and common source document dilemmas are likely topics. The internal troubleshooting process will be revealed to help you diagnose and fix problems when they occur, avoiding the frustration of missed deadlines and lost productivity.
Standard Customization Practices Part 1 Recording Slides Page templates. Page templates are where the rubber meets the road for any XML, XHTML, or HTML format. This presentation describes the What, Why, and How of customizing the ePublisher page templates.
Standard Customization Practices Part 2 Recording Slides Format trait info. ePublisher provides a simple mechanism for end users to extend the ePublisher UI. This capability enables ePublisher experts to build flexible extensions to ePublisher formats. This session presents step-by-step instructions for creating per format settings and per style options. Users will learn how to query settings and options within XSL to trigger custom code. The session will wrap up by showing how these techniques are used to build production ePublisher features.
Context-Sensitive Help Recording Slides During this session we'll walk through the steps of creating context-sensitive help for Windows and Web based help systems, including Quality Assurance and implementing the WebWorks Help API. This presentation will utilize all the components of the ePublisher platform and will have an extensive Q and A session.
Choosing the Right Deliverable Recording Slides Do you know the best way to choose the most suitable deliverable for your users' needs? In this presentation, we'll walk you through the newly developed ePublisher roadmap that matches user needs to the right online format.
DITA Publishing Recording Slides Simplified DITA publishing is possible. This session covers the nitty-gritty of publishing DITA content on the ePublisher platform. Specific attention is given to the strengths and limitations of ePublisher's DITA solution. DITA Open Toolkit plug-ins, DITA specialization, and troubleshooting your DITA solution will also be covered.
AutoMap Recording Slides ePublisher AutoMap is the most flexible module of the ePublisher Factory. AutoMap is your ePublishing “Assembly Line." The focus of this session is on automation, setup of AutoMap, running multiple conversions, adding scripting to retrieve or check in content to a version control systems (CVS, SVN, VSS and others), and receiving feedback.
Advanced Customization Practices Recording Slides Processing with the ePublisher Platform is bound together with a set of logical constructs formally known as Uri Resolvers. In this session we will cover briefly what a Uri Resolver is and analyze how the ePublisher Platform uses this mechanism. This session will also demonstrate an easy way to override ePublisher XSL stylesheets without hacking into the existing XSL code. An intermediate level knowledge of XML technologies is a preferred prerequisite for this session.
Customization: Bringing it All Together Recording Slides Missed a session on ePublisher customization and wished you could hit rewind? Welcome to metaphysical equivalent of the "ePublisher Quick Reference Card." This session provides attendees with a sampling of all things possible on the ePublisher platform. From FTI settings and input adapters, to page templates and output formats, Ben distills the essence of ePublisher down to just what you need to know. Developers can be sure they didn't miss anything important, and managers will have the knowledge they need to administer success ePublisher deployments.
Wiki, Wiki, Wiki Recording Slides Did you know ePublisher produces, packages, and deploys to Wiki servers? Come learn how ePublisher can be used to jump start your Wiki presence and attract user contribution while keeping you in control of your corporate data.