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The <refbody> element is a container for the main content of the reference topic. Reference topics limit the body structure to tables (both simple and standard), property lists, syntax sections, and generic sections and examples, in any sequence or number.
Reference topics represent the kind of information that users typically consult to understand programming objects, configuration file options, recipes, terminological descriptions, product or other specifications, equipment or parts lists, or any other set of factual information.
Note: These models represent only the default document types distributed by OASIS. Actual content models will differ with each new document type.
Content model
ditabase, reference, learningContent
Contained by
Content model
ditabase, reference, learningContent
- topic/body reference/refbody
Example 233. Example
See reference.
Data Type
Default Value
A generic attribute that has no specific purpose. It is intended to act as a base for specialized attributes that have a simple value syntax like the conditional processing attributes (one or more alphanumeric values separated by whitespace), but is not itself a filtering or flagging attribute. The attribute takes a space-delimited set of values. However, when acting as a container for generalized attributes, the content model will be more complex; see Attribute generalization for more details.
id-atts attribute group (id, conref, conrefend, conaction, conkeyref)
A set of related attributes, described in id-atts attribute group
localization-atts attribute group (translate, xml:lang, dir)
A set of related attributes, described in localization-atts attribute group.
global-atts attribute group (xtrf, xtrc)
A set of related attributes, described in global-atts attribute group
class, outputclass
Common attributes described in Other common DITA attributes