WebWorks ePublisher Platform components provide a workflow that ensures you can deliver your content, your way, every time. A successful online content delivery workflow includes the following items:
*Creation and automation of consistent, reusable online content designs
*Packaging of online content designs for seamless, consistent reuse
*Application of online content designs to new and existing projects to ensure consistent content delivery and deployment
ePublisher supports this workflow by allowing ePublisher users to perform the following tasks:
*Stationery designers use ePublisher Designer to create and manage online content designs, then package the designs into Stationery for writers to use
*Writers use ePublisher Express and Stationery to create and deploy consistent online content
*ePublisher AutoMap can be configured to automatically generate and deploy online content
For more information about the WebWorks ePublisher Platform components that support this workflow, see “WebWorks ePublisher Platform Components”. For more information about the ePublisher workflow, see “Understanding the ePublisher Workflow”.