Microsoft HTML Help 1.x
To generate Microsoft HTML Help, you must have Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.x installed. If you do not have Microsoft HTML Help Workshop installed, ePublisher will ask you if you want to install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop during the ePublisher installation process. You can also download the Microsoft HTML Help Workshop for free from the Microsoft Developer Network Web site at
To view Microsoft HTML Help, users must have the Microsoft HTML Help viewer installed. The Microsoft HTML Help viewer is installed with most Windows operating systems in use today. Users must also have Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed. Microsoft HTML Help does not require that users use Internet Explorer as their default browser. Microsoft
Note: Due to the legacy nature of this help run time, if you are generating your help from a networked location, you must map your help drive to a mapped letter such as z:\. UNC drives such as \\\directory will not work as output locations for this help format. For more information on this issue, please refer to Microsoft’s Support website and search for your version of Windows.