Wiki - Confluence
To view Confluence Wiki output, you must deploy the output to a server computer where Confluence 2.10.2or later is installed. You may find it helpful to set up a staging Confluence server computer if you generate Confluence output. A staging Confluence computer allows you to view your generated Wiki output before deploying your generated Wiki output to a production Confluence computer.
Before you deploy Confluence output, ensure the following APIs and plug-ins are installed on the Confluence Wiki:
*Confluence Remote API
This API is enabled by default when Confluence is installed. The Confluence Remote API works in conjunction with the Confluence XML RPC API.
*Confluence XML RPC API
This API should be enabled, and this API works in conjunction with the Confluence Remote API.
*Adaptivist Content Formatting Macros plug-in
The Adaptivist Content Formatting Macros plug-in is available at ePublisher uses this plug-in to control indents and any kind of complex table formatting such as row and column spans. This plug-in also provides support for .css classes.
*Ensure that the Confluence Compatibility Macros are disabled. The Confluence Compatibility Macros define tables. If the Confluence Compatibility Macros and the Adaptivist Content Formatting Macros are enabled at the same time, table macro definition conflicts may result.
*The Confluence WYSIWYG editor does not preserve escaped characters if those character escapes are specified as HTML entities, such as ..
Note: Escape characters indicate that a character sequence is not formatting instructions for the Wiki. For example, on some Wikis, and asterisk (*) character followed by a space at the beginning of a line indicates a bullet. When the Wiki reads this markup, it converts the asterisk character and the space into a bullet. However, if you need to have an asterisk character followed by a space at the beginning of a line on your Wiki page, and not a bullet, you can use an escape character, such as '\'to display the content correctly.
When ePublisher generates output for Wikis, it automatically and appropriately escapes characters in your source documents so your content displays correctly in the generated output. However, if you deploy content with escape characters to a Confluence Wiki server and users then edit the content using the Confluence WYSIWYG editor, the WYSIWYG editor removes any escape characters used on the page to display content. To avoid this issue, disable the Confluence WYSIWYG editor on the Wiki server where you deploy your Confluence Wiki output.
*When you deploy content to a Confluence Wiki, pages are deployed based on the table of contents hierarchy. You can see this hierarchy in the Confluence Browse view.
For more information about Confluence, including installing and configuring Confluence, see the Confluence web site at For more information about deploying Confluence Wiki output using ePublisher, see “Deploying Output”.