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To view MediaWiki output, you must deploy the output to a computer where MediaWiki 1.11 or later is installed. You may find it helpful to set up a staging MediaWiki server computer if you generate MediaWiki output. A staging MediaWiki computer allows you to view your generated Wiki output before deploying your generated Wiki output to a production MediaWiki computer.
Before you deploy MediaWiki output, review the following settings on the MediaWiki:
*The user account you specify for ePublisher to use when deploying output to a MediaWiki requires Write access to the Wiki and the ability to remotely push content to the Wiki.
*ePublisher uses the MediaWiki Write API when deploying output to MediaWiki. Using the MediaWiki Write API ensures that any surge protection limits configured on the Wiki do not block ePublisher from deploying output to the Wiki. Ensure that the MediaWiki Write API is enabled before deploying output to MediaWiki. The Write API is disabled by default on MediaWiki.
*If you try to use ePublisher to deploy large page files, such as 2 MB or 3 MB page files, to your MediaWiki server, MediaWiki will display the following error if you do not have enough PHP memory allocated in MediaWiki:
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of nnnnnnn bytes exhausted (tried to allocate nnnnnnnn bytes)
Ensure you have enough PHP memory allocated in MediaWiki if you plan to use ePublisher to deploy large page files to your MediaWiki server. You can raise the PHP memory limit in the php.ini and LocalSettings.php files. For more information, see
For more information about MediaWiki, including installing and configuring MediaWiki, see the MediaWiki Web site at For more information about deploying MediaWiki output using ePublisher, see “Deploying Output”.