Wiki - MoinMoin
To view MoinMoin Wiki output, you must deploy the output to a computer where MoinMoin 1.6.4 or later is installed. You may find it helpful to set up a staging MoinMoin server computer if you generate MoinMoin output. A staging MoinMoin computer allows you to view your generated Wiki output before deploying your generated Wiki output to a production MoinMoin computer.
Before you deploy MoinMoin Wiki output, review the following settings on the MoinMoin Wiki:
*The user account you specify for ePublisher to use when deploying output to a MoinMoin Wiki requires Write access to the Wiki and the ability to remotely push content to the Wiki. Ensure the user account ePublisher uses when deploying content to the Wiki has the appropriate Write permissions on the Wiki.
*Ensure xmlrpc actions are enabled on the MoinMoin Wiki.
Note: MoinMoin does not support the XML-RPC protocol when run as a CGI application.
*Based on the MIME type assigned to the files you include in your generated output, you may need to add content types to the mimetypes_embed setting in the wikiconfig file on the MoinMoin Wiki. For example, if you use Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg) files when generating MoinMoin Wiki output, ensure that you add image/svg+xml to the mimetypes_embed setting.
*You can configure surge protection limits for requests on a MoinMoin Wiki, including the type of Write requests ePublisher can make when deploying output to the Wiki. Ensure you understand how surge protection is configured on the MoinMoin Wiki before you use ePublisher to deploy content to a MoinMoin Wiki.
Surge protection limits are typically configured to help protect the performance of the Wiki and to ensure the Wiki is available and has appropriate content for its intended users. Surge protection settings protect the Wiki from malicious users, including spammers, who may want to try and push spam or other unwanted content onto Wikis. In MoinMoin, you configure surge protection limits in the wikiconfig file. Verify that ePublisher can deploy content to a MoinMoin Wiki using the surge protection limits configured for the MoinMoin Wiki.
For more information about MoinMoin, including installing and configuring MoinMoin, see the MoinMoin Web site at For more information about deploying MoinMoin Wiki output using ePublisher, see “Deploying Output”.