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Installing ePublisher Components
This section provides instructions for installing ePublisher components, including ePublisher Express, ePublisher Designer, and ePublisher AutoMap.
Note: You must install ePublisher Express first. Then, you can install ePublisher Designer and ePublisher AutoMap. Both ePublisher Designer and ePublisher AutoMap require ePublisher Express.
If you are upgrading from a previous version of ePublisher, review the upgrade instructions. For more information, see “Upgrading from Previous Versions”.
To install ePublisher components
1. Log on as a user using an account that is a member of the Administrators group on the local computer.
2. Close all instances of Microsoft Office applications running on the local computer, including instances of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Close all instances of Adobe FrameMaker running on the computer.
3. Run the WebWorks ePublisher <Product><Build_Number>.exe file for the ePublisher component you want to install.
4. Review the welcome message, and then click Next.
5. Review the license agreement. If you agree to the terms of the agreement, click I Agree.
6. Select the application shortcuts you want to create, and then click Next.
7. Specify the location of the installation directory, and then click Next. The default installation directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\WebWorks.
8. Click Next to confirm your selections and to begin installing the ePublisher component.
9. In the WebWorks Licensing Info window, complete the following steps:
a. Enter your Contract ID. If you previously installed ePublisher on the computer using a valid Contract ID, ePublisher will automatically detect the Contract ID and display your Contract ID information. For more information about contract IDs and obtaining a Contract ID, see “Working with Contract IDs” “Obtaining Contract IDs”.
b. Enter your email address. If you have an email address that you use as your WebWorks support login, enter that email address.
c. Enter the name of your computer.
d. Click Confirm.
10. If the installer displays the HTML Help Workshop 1.3 Setup window, you can install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.3 as part of your ePublisher installation. Install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop if you plan to generate Microsoft HTML Help output.
*If you want to install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.3, click Yes, and then follow the instructions to install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop.
*If you do not want to install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop 1.3, click No.
11. Click Close when the installation completes. ePublisher also opens a new browser window and displays a page on the web site when the installation completes.
12. Restart your computer to update and register all configuration files.