The WebWorks ePublisher Platform (ePublisher) is a powerful, comprehensive solution that delivers cost-effective processes for efficiently publishing and maintaining online and print information. ePublisher gives you the flexibility you need to deliver content from multiple types of source documents, such as Adobe FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, and DITA, in virtually any output format you need.
If you are already familiar with the prior release of ePublisher, then this is a good place to find out about improvements in release 2018.1.
The documentation for the WebWorks ePublisher Platform has been organized into one all-inclusive online help distribution or as 3 distinct PDF manuals tailored for different user needs.
As part of licensing ePublisher you are provided full access to comprehensive technical support that is not only available to assist you with using ePublisher, but provides you with detailed tracking of product improvements, defects, and other changes in the computer industry that may impact your users. By working with our technical support team, you will be insuring that your needs are addressed in future releases of ePublisher and that your online presence will continue to adapt to the rapidly evolving standards in the computer industry.
There are other resources available to you as a user of ePublisher. They include access to regularly scheduled webinar sessions, community participation and sharing of customizations and usage tips, as well as structured training courses.