What’s New in this Release : ePublisher Platform
ePublisher Platform
These items pertain to parts of the ePublisher platform that are not specific to any type of input content or published output.
There are a few improvements we made for ePublisher, such as:
*New responsive HTML5 Format: WebWorks Reverb 2.0. This format is the next generation of WebWorks Reverb.
*Synonyms now supported for Reverb and Reverb 2.0.
*Introduced SASS technology in Dynamic HTML and Reverb 2.0.
*New Trial experience for introducing ePublisher Express to new users.
*Added dockable help pane in the UI for Express and Designer.
*Added XSLT Extensions for Python and SASS.
*Client-side Search improvements for Reverb.
Deprecated in this release
ePublisher now warns you of when operating with unsupported or deprecated applications and output formats. No deprecations for this release.
No longer supported
Applications, operating systems, and output formats no longer supported but listed here for your convenience.
*Adobe FrameMaker version 8.0
*Microsoft Word version 2007
*Simple HTML output format
*Sun JavaHelp 1.1.3 output format
*WinHelp output format
*2014.1 formats have been removed from the standard install. As with all legacy formats they are available in a separate installer, contact support for details.