Opening Context-Sensitive Help in WebWorks Reverb using the WebWorks Help API
In addition to using simple URLs for opening context-sensitive help, you can alternatively use an API that is incorporated into your application. Using an API makes it easier to enable help buttons in your application so that the load the correct page in your Reverb output.
WebWorks Reverb uses the same API as WebWorks Help 4 and 5. For information about the benefits and steps for using this API, see “Opening Context-Sensitive Help with the WebWorks Help API”.
Steps for Enabling the Context-Sensitive Help API for use with WebWorks Reverb
1. On the Project menu, select the Active Target you want to specify settings for.
2. On the Target menu, click Target Settings.
3. In the WebWorks Reverb category, set WebWorksHelpAPICompatibility to Enabled.
4. Click OK to save the target settings.
5. Have your application developers download the WebWorks Help SDK located at: Depending on the technologies your application uses, your developers will be able to incorporate the API and then make context-sensitive API calls to your published Reverb output.