Incorporating Google Analytics for Your Reverb Files
WebWorks Reverb is not only a fully functional help system for your content, it’s also a collection of distinct web page files that can be viewed individually on a website. In fact, you can very easily share URLs of individual page files from your Reverb help system. These URLs will load just like a single web page within a browser. While this is very nice from an end-user perspective, because the load times are very minimal, it is even better from a publisher perspective. Simply put, you can now easily track the usage patterns and frequencies of all your Reverb help pages, which is where the value of Google Analytics comes in; all you have to do is either determine the appropriate Google Analytics Account ID that your website is currently using (if Google Analytics has already been setup for your website), or create a Google Analytics Account which will then provide a unique identifier for you website or website path. Since the 2011.1 version of WebWorks Reverb, you can follow user search patterns with the Google Analytics’ Site Search feature. This allows you to review search terms and search start pages for your content. For more information, please refer to the following page:
Once you have obtained the appropriate Google Analytics Account ID, then you simply set your ePublisher project’s format property called: Google Analytics Identifier.