Changing the Appearance of WebWorks Reverb 2.0
Most customizations to WebWorks Reverb 2.0 rely upon changing one of three file types:
*Page Templates - Found in the Pages folder and have the extension .asp. Users may create overrides for these files in their project to change overall layouts.
*SASS Files - Found in the Pages\sass folder. Users may change the color, icons, and other layout specific behaviors of the skin with these files. Changes to these files will not have an effect on the content pages if styles have been defined within the source documents or in the Style Designer.
*Images - Found in the Pages\images folder. These files are injected into the layout via Connect.asp and can be replaced with another image.
For easy reference, see the below table for a list of template files.
Page Template
Entry point to the Reverb 2.0 run-time. This file controls the placement of the toolbar buttons, menu (table of contents/index), page, and footer.
Defines the layout and appearance of the Footer.
Data file for each Reverb parcel’s Index information.
Defines the layout and appearance of generated pages.
Data file for each Reverb parcel (help set).
Search integration page.
Defines the layout and appearance of the Reverb 2.0 splash page.
Defines the layout and appearance of the message that displays when a user visits a Reverb 2.0 help set with an unsupported browser.