Understanding SASS Variables In WebWorks Reverb 2.0
WebWorks Reverb 2.0 contains an implementation of SASS variables that has been constructed with efficiency and user-friendliness in mind. In each Template File, there are many variables that contain values that are implemented in the layout. Each variable has been given a name that describes the use of the value it holds. Variables are named in a procedural manner, each name starting with the section of the layout that it resides, and with every consecutive word defining more specifically what it pertains to.
As a reference, these graphics provide a visualization of the regions of the layout. The graphics can provide a starting point for finding the variable for the item that needs to be customized. The regions in the graphics have been color coded and numbered from 1 to 7. These numbers can be matched with a variable prefix that matches with a collection of variables that affect that region.
Variable Prefix