WebWorks Reverb 2.0 Toolbar Format Settings
The complete reference of WebWorks Reverb 2.0 Format Settings that affect the toolbar.
Format Setting
Enables/disables the home navigation button which navigates users to the first page in the browse sequence
Linked Toolbar Logo
Enables or Disables linking of the Toolbar Logo. If this setting is Enabled, the user must also set an address in the Toolbar Logo Link Address setting.
Toolbar Logo
Determines what Company Info item should be used, if any. Users can select None, Company name, or Company logo image.
Toolbar Logo Link Address
Determines an address the Linked Toolbar Logo directs to when a user clicks on the Toolbar Logo.
Toolbar Logo Override
Allows the user to set a custom image for the Toolbar Logo. As the name suggests, this setting will override any setting selected in the Toolbar Logo setting.