Steps to Create Your First Disqus Site
1. Visit the URL: Then select the Sign Up button. You will then be taken through a few simple forms which will create your Disqus Login as well as your initial Disqus Site.
2. In the field Site URL, specify the URL that best describes where your Reverb volume(s) will exist on your website.
Note: You can use a single Disqus site for all your Reverb deployments that exist on the same website or you can use separate Disqus sites for each separately deployed Reverb volume. Disqus provides a wide range of solutions for managing and moderating threads so choosing either strategy will be effective and depends more on how your organization’s process will be handled.
3. In the field Site Name, specify a unique, human readable name that best describes the site. Then check the Site Shortname text box field and correct it to suit your preference. The Site Shortname will not only be used by ePublisher, but will also become the sub-domain used on Disqus. So if your Site Shortname is epub, then the URL used for this site’s threads will be
4. On the same page, specify the information for the Primary Moderator, other moderators can be added later. Then select the Continue button.
5. On the Settings page, specify your language and any optional features that you wish to also use. Then select the Continue button. You now have a Disqus Login as well as your first Disqus Site. No additional steps are required to begin using your new site