Deploying Stationery
Once you have saved, tested, and finished customizing your Stationery, you need to deploy it so writers can use the Stationery for their projects. Review the following considerations when deploying your Stationery for writers to use in their projects:
*Store your Stationery in a central location where writers have read access.
*When you save the Stationery design project as Stationery, ePublisher stores all the style information, settings, and definitions from the project in the Stationery. ePublisher also copies the user, output format, and format target override files, and saves them as part of your Stationery.
*If you move the Stationery, ePublisher Express notifies the writers when they open their projects that it cannot find the Stationery associated with the project. The writers then need to update their projects to use the Stationery in its new location.
*Make sure your source document templates and standards support your Stationery. Keep these files updated as a unit. If you add a style to your Word or FrameMaker template, also add it to your Stationery design project and update your Stationery.
*If the source documents for an existing project use only the styles in your standard templates, writers can use ePublisher Express to synchronize their project with your Stationery. This process allows you to update the project using the current Stationery for the project, or you can select a different Stationery to associate with the project.
*Schedule a training session with the team about each of the features they can use in their help, how to use styles and markers to define those features, and how to use ePublisher Express and their projects to achieve the results they need.
*Make sure your Stationery has the output formats and targets you need. Since all output formats in the Stationery share Style Designer properties and options, if you want different output formats to have different behaviors or appearance, you may need to create and maintain more than one Stationery.
*Determine whether writers should change target-specific settings, such as variables, conditions, cross reference rules, and target settings in their projects. When writers install ePublisher Express, they can specify whether to enable these menu options.
To save your Stationery design project as Stationery
1. Open your Stationery design project.
2. On the File menu, click Save as Stationery.
3. Specify the Stationery name, location to store the Stationery, and the targets to include in the Stationery. For more information about an option, click Help.
4. Click OK.