Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a powerful authoring tool that allows you to quickly create professional content. You can develop templates with the styles and other standard elements you need to deliver polished technical documentation. Microsoft Word provides many automation features to streamline the content development process. The new XML-based formats allow Microsoft Word to integrate content with other Microsoft Office products. Microsoft Word provides a good solution for the following conditions:
*Common authoring tool needed across departments in your company
*Reducing costs for authoring tools is an important consideration
*Source documents are less than 500 pages with some graphics throughout. Please keep in mind that Word itself does not generally do well when editing 100+ page documents.
*Automation, such as toolbars and macros, needed to streamline content creation
*Basic conditions needed to show or hide portions of your source documents
*Rarely need to allow multiple writers to work simultaneously on the same content
For more information about using Microsoft Word and establishing single-sourcing standards with Microsoft Word, see “Designing Microsoft Word Templates and Standards”.