Designing Wiki Output : Identifying Wiki Content Users
Identifying Wiki Content Users
Identify who will view, comment on, edit, and add to the content you deploy to a Wiki. You may want to allow some of the following users to view your Wiki content:
*Technical support
*Product management
*Human resources
Also identify who can add comments about the content, edit the content, and add new content pages. For example, if your documentation team will deploy the product installation, configuration, and usage content they develop to a Wiki, who should be able to view the content and add comments and edits to the deployed Wiki pages? Should everyone in the company be able to view the content, but only documentation writers and editors be able to edit and update the Wiki pages? Or should others in the company, such as technical support, quality assurance, and product management, also be able to add comments, edit content, and add additional pages?
Will you allow some or all of your customers and partners to view and edit the content on the deployed Wiki pages and add comments and new pages?
The following table can help you identify who should be able to view content, add comments about content, and edit content on your deployed Wiki pages. Also identify if you want to allow users to be able to add new pages to the Wiki or delete pages.
View Content
Add Comments
Edit Content
Add New Pages
Delete Pages