Designing Wiki Output : Wiki Deployment - Start to Finish
Wiki Deployment - Start to Finish
The following section provides a basic walkthrough of deployment to a Wiki server.
To deploy ePublisher Output to a Wiki server please complete the following steps:
1. Create a new project or open an existing ePublisher Designer project
2. Go to Target -> Manage Targets
3. Click Add
4. Name the Target -> Select the Wiki Format from the dropdown, hit OK, and close the Manage Targets Window
5. After you have configured the customizations appropriate to the project, make sure the Wiki Target is selected in the dropdown from the Toolbar
6. Generate Output using Generate Selected or Generate All from the tool bar, or the context menus
7. Go to Target -> Target Settings and click Add Deploy Target button
8. Click the Add button to bring up the Wiki selection
Note: The specific wiki deployment option will change depending on the currently active target. For example, you may only define “Wiki - MoinMoin” deployment targets when a “Wiki - MoinMoin” target is active.
9. In the Deplyoment Confiuration, select a unique name, and then click Edit
10. In the following window, you will add the information as supplied to you by the System Administrator of the Wiki:
11. You can test the connection to the Wiki Server by clicking Test, if successful there will be an alert Window that says “Success!”, if unsuccessful there will be a red exclamation as shown in the image above
12. After you have tested, you will click Ok, and this should bring you back to the Deployment editor, where you will see your newly created Deployment Configuration
13. Click Okay to see the Deploy Target in the Target Settings, and click Okay to get back to the ePublisher main window
14. Click Target -> Deploy to upload the generated output to the server
15. Navigate to the wiki server in the browser and go to the Recent Changes area to verify that the files have been uploaded