Designing Wiki Output : Wiki WYSIWYG Support
Wiki WYSIWYG Support
WYSIWYG editor support is determined by the wiki server, not ePublisher. Additionally, each wiki has different capabilities regarding WYSIWYG support.
*MediaWiki - offers no WYSIWYG support. When the user clicks edit, the markup appears but not as it would be on the screen
*MoinMoin - offers WYSIWYG support for Firefox and Internet Explorer
*Confluence - Depends on the version in use. Versions prior to 4.x offer WYSIWYG for most modern browsers. Starting with version 4.0, only WYSIWYG editing is offered. WYSIWYG editing may be limited due to wiki markup limitations in Confluence 3.x and earlier. Confluence 4.x WYSIWYG editing is limited by the fact that ePublisher emits Confluence wiki markup rather than native HTML. Please consult the Confluence documentation for any further questions regarding compatibility at