Preparing DITA Source Documents : Specifying Wiki Categories or Labels in DITA
Specifying Wiki Categories or Labels in DITA
On Wikis, categories, which are referred to as labels in some Wiki formats, are used to organize Wiki content. Categories help group together pages that have similar subjects.
Note: MoinMoin and Media Wiki use the term category to describe page grouping functionality. Confluence uses the term label to describe page grouping functionality.
Pages are assigned to category groups through the use of category or label tags. When you assign a category or label tag to a Wiki page, the category to which the Wiki page belongs displays in a box at the bottom of the page.
Category and label tags on Wiki pages allow categorized pages to automatically be added to a list on a category page on the Wiki. The category page lists all of the Wiki pages tagged for a certain category. For example, if you tag each page on a Wiki that contains licensing information with a Licensing category tag, then a licensing category page on the Wiki can display a list of all of the pages tagged as containing licensing information.
The following procedure provides an example of how to specify categories for Wiki pages in DITA Source Documents:
To specify a Wiki category or label for a topic in a DITA source document:
1. In your DITA source document, locate your topic’s meta information container element.
2. For this element, you use the <othermeta> element to define the WikiCategory, for example: <othermeta name="WikiCategory" content="categoryname"/>.
Note: You can also use the <data> element, for example: <data name="WikiCategory" value="categoryname"/>
3. Save the DITA document
4. Generate output for your Wiki target. For more information, see “Generating Output”
5. Deploy the Wiki output files to a Wiki server. For more information, see “Deploying Output to Output Destinations”.
Note: You must deploy generated Wiki content to a Wiki server before you can view the Wiki content.
6. Verify that your Wiki pages display the categories or labels you specified at the bottom of the page