Preparing Adobe FrameMaker Source Documents : Troubleshooting FrameMaker issues
Troubleshooting FrameMaker issues
Occasionally there might be issues with the source documents you are using. Below is a list linking to the wiki solutions website that will help you troubleshoot each one:
For more information, see...
If you are trying to use smart quotes
If you are trying to turn off auto-hyphenation
If you are using autonumbering in anchored frames
If you receive a “Cannot Duplicate Document” upon generation
If you receive a “Cannot Initialize API” message opening FrameMaker
If you are working with Change Bars
If you receive the “Error Communicating with FrameMaker” message upon generating
If you are not seeing your filename Markers in ePublisher
If you are seeing unwanted files in the temp directory upon generating
If you are trying to use an image as a bullet
If you are trying to import an XLS file into FrameMaker
Problems with Imported Excel files
If you are trying to link to an external PDF
Creating links outside of project structure
If you are using multiple TOC files in FrameMaker
If your title page material is not ordered properly
Title page material not ordered properly
If you are having unexpected paragraph ordering with multiple text flows
FrameMaker paragraphs in different text flows have unexpected order in HTML
If you are wanting to turn unbulleted text to bulleted text in the output
How do I turn regular FrameMaker text into bulleted text in my output?
If you are working with structured content in text-boxes
Structured Elements in Text Boxes
If you notice that some paragraphs in your output are formatting differently than others bearing the same style name
Unexpected changes in font size or other formatting for certain paragraphs
If you notice a few lines of code that are very small at the end of the HTML page from the FM document,
Unexpected Code from FrameMaker plugin