Creating a Passthrough Marker in Word
A passthrough marker is a marker that allows you to insert content that you do not want ePublisher to process when you generate output. For example, if you have embedded multimedia files in your source documents, such as Audio Video Interleave files (.avi) or Adobe Software Flash files (.swf), you can insert a passthrough marker with a value that is set to the HTML code that you do not want ePublisher to process.
The following example shows .avi code to which you could insert using a passthrough marker.
<embed src="sample.avi" width="400"
height="300" pluginspage=";>
To create a passthrough marker in a Microsoft Word source document
1. In your Microsoft Word source document, locate the paragraph in which you want to insert the passthrough marker.
2. Insert your cursor in the location on the page where you want to insert the Passthrough marker.
3. On the WebWorks menu, click Markers.
4. In the Marker field, select Passhtrough from the list of markers.
5. In the Value field, type the html code that you would like to not be processed by ePublisher such as the Flash embed code indicated in the previous topic.r
6. Click OK. ePublisher inserts the Passthrough marker into your source document.
7. Save your Microsoft Word source document.
8. Generate output for your project. For more information, see “Generating Output”.
9. In Output Explorer, verify ePublisher created the appropriate result for your embedded html code. For more information about viewing output files in Output Explorer, see “Viewing Output in Output Explorer”.