Assigning Image Styles in Word
Typically you do not need to specify an image style for images when you generate output. By default, each image generated by ePublisher is associated with the default image style defined in the Stationery used by your Stationery. However, if you want to change the image style of one image or a small set of images, you can specify the image style you want to use for an image in your source document using the GraphicStyle marker type.
For example, if you want to specify a yellow border around a set of screen shot images that illustrate a particular piece of product functionality, you can specify that each of the screen shots images in the set have a yellow border around them through the use of the GraphicStyle marker type.
To assign a style to a specific image, your Stationery and template must have the GraphicStyle marker type configured. Your output format must also support specifying image styles. For more information about output formats that support this feature, see “Features Available in Each Output Format”.
The following procedure provides an example of how to specify image styles for images in Microsoft Word source documents using Microsoft Word 2003. Steps for specifying image styles for images in Microsoft Word may be different in other versions of Microsoft Word.
To specify an image style for an image in a Microsoft Word source document
1. In your Microsoft Word source document, locate the image for which you want to specify an image style.
2. Select the image, and then select the WebWorks menu to insert a GraphicStyle marker next to the image. To insert the marker follow these steps.
a. On the WebWorks menu, click Markers.
b. In the Markers field, select GraphicStyle from the list of markers.
c. In the Value field, type the name of the image style the Stationery designer configured for the Stationery used by your ePublisher project.
For example, if the Stationery designer configured an image style called GreenBorder in your Stationery, type GreenBorder.
Click OK. ePublisher inserts the GraphicStyle marker into the text box.
3. Save your Microsoft Word source document.
4. Generate output for your project. For more information, see “Generating Output”.
5. In Output Explorer, verify ePublisher created the image using the image style you specified by clicking on the page that contains the image for which you specified an image style and verifying ePublisher applied the image style you specified in the generated output. For more information about viewing output files in Output Explorer, see “Viewing Output in Output Explorer”.