Currently the WebWorks Markdown Standar supports italic, bold, and strikethrough emphasis. The WebWorks Markdown Standard also supports combined emphasis.

For italic text, wrap the text that is to be put in italics with a single asterisk or underscore.

I’m *telling* you, what I saw was _real_!
I’m telling you, what I saw was real!

For bold text, wrap the text to be emboldened in double asterisks or double underscores.

To start a **New Line**, press the __Enter Key__.
To start a New Line, press the Enter Key.

For strikethrough text, the text must be wrapped with two tildes.

For lunch today, I had a ~~greasy burger~~ healthy salad.
For lunch today, I had a greasy burger healthy salad.

Multiple emphasis styles can be combined using the proper conventions.

I’m supposed to **be there, _now_**.
I’m supposed to be there, now.