WebWorks Markdown Standard also handles code samples and emphasis on technical items using Markdown. To achieve this, the back-tick character is used.
To put emphasis on a technical term (generally represented by formatting the text to a monospaced font), wrap the text to be formatted in a pair of back-ticks.
In JavaScript, to declare a variable, use the `var` keyword.
To write a code block (code fence) that will be formatted to a monospaced font and have its white space preserved, wrap the code in two sets of three back-ticks.
var app = {};

app.start = function () {
var message = "Good morning!";

In addition to code fencing, you can also create a code line by beginning the line with at least 4 whitespace characters. As long as each consecutive code line has 4 leading whitespace characters, the code block will continue.
var addNumbers = function (nums) {
var total = 0;

for (var i = 0; i < nums.length; i++;) {
total += nums[i];

return total;