WebWorks Markdown Standard easily supports the creation of tables by using pipes. Tables need to be separated from other content by a blank line in order to render correctly. This will allow for a clear separation between text and table. Table cells are separated by the pipe character.
The first line of a table should be the column heading text separated by pipes. The next line should have a matching amount of cells that serve as the separator of the body and the header of the table, as well as setting the alignment of the column. These separator cells at the very least need three hyphens separated by pipes. To change the alignment of the column, use the colon character. A lack of colons will keep the column at it’s default left alignment. Wrapping the hyphens in a pair of colons will center the text in the column, and a colon only proceeding the hyphens will right-align the column’s text. Inline Markdown can also be used within table cells.
| Name | Age | City |
| ---------- |:---:| -------------:|
| John Smith | 35 | **Dallas** |
| Jane Doe | 28 | **Ft. Worth** |
| Earl Grey | 47 | **Austin** |
As you can see in this example, the Name column will be left-aligned, the Age column will be centered, and the City column will be right-aligned, as well as having the city names emboldened.
Tables do not have to be formatted with extra white space. This is usually done to be more human-readable in the source document, but it is not required. The outer pipe characters are also not required. The next example shows a table built with the minimum amount of pipes and hyphens, and that would still render properly.
Username | Last login
--- | ---
superuser99 | 22:56:40
xx_gamechanger_xx | 03:29:12