Features - From Input to Output : Context Sensitive Help
Context Sensitive Help
Context sensitive help is simply a way to identify a topic by using a standard location combined with a topic identifier. Certain formats, such as WebWorks Help 5.0 and WebWorks Reverb, further require a content identifier to be used in conjunction with a topic identifier. Context-sensitive help links provide content based on the context of what the user is doing. In many cases, this help content is based on the window that is open and active. For example, the Help button on a window in a software product can open a specific help topic that provides important information about the window:
*What the window allows you to do
*Brief concepts needed to understand the window
*Guidance for how to use the window
*Descriptions about each field on the window, valid values, and related fields
*Links to related topics, such as concepts and tasks related to the window