Window Descriptions : Target Settings Window : Baggage Files Settings
Baggage Files Settings
These settings are only supported in the WebWorks Reverb output format. The settings in this category are defined as follows:
Baggage files info list
Specifies the path (absolute or relative to the project) to the baggage files info list containing information related to the baggage files, like title and summary, as well as determining when not to index a baggage file.
Copy baggage file dependents
Specifies whether you want to include in your output all the dependents of your HTML baggage files, such as images, CSS files, JS files, videos and audios.
Create standalone group
Specifies whether you want to create a standalone group containing all the information related with baggage files, as well as an independent index file, instead of having that information for every group.
Index baggage files
Specifies whether you want to index baggage files linked to by your source documents.
Index external links
Specifies whether you want to index external links and include those words in the corresponding index file.
Standalone group name
Specifies the name of the Standalone Group.