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WebWorks Reverb Settings
Display large images in lightbox
When a thumbnail is used for an image, the full size version of the image can be viewed by clicking the image which is then displayed in a lightbox. When disabled the image displays in a separate file.
Enabled Print Icon
Enables/disables the print icon in generated pages
Entry Filename
Specifies the name of the Reverb entry-point file name (default is “index.html”)
Feedback Email
Defines the feedback email address for use in generated pages
Feedback Email Message
Defines the contents of both the subject line and body section of the email message sent when Feedback Email address is specified. Use $Location to include the current page’s URL in the message. Please note that this message is single-line only.
Provides a button in the toolbar that links to the entry point of the Reverb help set. If the splash page is enabled then it will link to the splash page, otherwise it will link to the first page of actual content.
Minimum height for non-scrolling toolbar
Specifies the minimum browser window height required for Reverb to fix the toolbar at the top of the window instead of scrolling out of view.
Minimum page width for sidebar
Specifies the minimum browser window width required for Reverb to display the TOC/Index sidebar panel next to the content panel. If the width of the window is less than this value, then the TOC/Index will be displayed in place of the content panel and only when the TOC/Index button has been selected.
Reverb Page Style
Specifies the page style to use when creating the outer-level HTML file that contains all the Reverb panels (i.e. TOC, index, search, content).
Search Implementation
Specifies the type of search implementation or engine to use. Currently, there are 2 choices available:
Description and Deployment Requirements
Microsoft IIS Search
Integrates with a Microsoft Internet Information Server that is set up on a Windows computing system within any intranet. Provides a complete set of search capabilities.
Requires an IIS web server to be running where the help files are deployed. Works with both intranets and the Internet.
Client-side Search
Provides a stand-alone search capability using javascript that is executed on the end-user’s browser client. Provides basic search capabilities.
No additional requirements.
Sidebar Width
Specifies the width of the TOC or Index sidebar panel.
Specifies an alternate skin plugin to use when generating Reverb Help. Skin plugins allow for a wide range of look-and-feel differences for Reverb Help. The following choices are available with the current installation of ePublisher Designer:
Skin Types
Color Schemes
Classic - Compact
Corporate - Compact
Metro - Compact
Dark Green
Light Green
Social - Compact
Light Blue
Splash Page Style
Specifies the page style to use when processing the splash page
Use first document as splash page
Determines initial page displayed. If set to Enabled then no splash page will be created and instead the first page will be used.
WebWorks Help API Compatibility
Enables users to use the same help API as used for WebWorks Help 4 and 5 with Reverb Help.