Advanced Properties
These properties are for use with output formats that require styling and layout characteristics above and beyond what is provided by CSS. Links all point to this website
Absolute Position
Alignment Adjust
Alignment Baseline
Baseline Shift
Block Progression Dimension
Display Align
Dominant Baseline
End Indent
Font Selection Strategy
Font Size Adjust
Font Stretch
Glyph Orientation Horizontal
Glyph Orientation Vertical
Inline Progression Dimension
Intrusion Displace
Last Line End Indent
Leader Alignment
Leader Length
Leader Pattern
Leader Pattern Width
Line Stacking Strategy
Linefeed Treatment
Maximum Height
Maximum Width
Provisional Distance Between Stars
Provisional Label Separation
Reference Orientation
Relative Align
Relative Position
Rule Style
Rule Thickness
Score Spaces
Source Document
Space After
Space Before
Space End
Space Start
Start Indent
Suppress at Line Break
Text Align
Text Align Last
Text Altitude
Text Depth
Text Shadow Blur Radius
Text Shadow Color
Text Shadow Vertical Offset
Treat as Word Space
White Space Collapse
White Space Treatment
Wrap Option