Bullet Properties
By default, ePublisher generates output for bulleted lists based on the properties in the original source content. Some source applications use the Symbol or Wingdings font for bullets. These fonts may not be available on all computers, which can cause the bullets in your output to display incorrectly. To avoid this issue, use an image for bullets. Also, you can create a character style with a font family assigned, such as sans-serif, and then apply that character style through ePublisher to the characters you choose to define for bullets.
Note: When inserting text for either the Text or Separator properties described below, make sure to use unicode characters. You can copy-and-paste unicode characters from another program such as the Windows accessory program called Character Map, or you can use a Windows ALT key sequence.
Steps for inserting special characters using the Windows ALT key sequence
1. Position the cursor where you want the special character to appear
2. Make sure that the numeric keypad Num Lock is on
3. Press and hold the Alt key and then press the keys on the numeric keypad that represent the keystroke value of the character you want to input
4. After you finish typing, release the Alt key
Character Name
ALT Key Sequence
Round Bullet
En Dash
Em Dash
Specifies a special character for bullets. Enter the special character using the Windows ALT key code or by copying and pasting a unicode character from another program. Common bullet characters are round bullet, en dash, and em dash.
Specifies the type of separator to use between the bullet and the beginning of the first text line, such as a space or a colon.
Specifies the image to use for bullets. This field lists only the image files located in the Files folder of your project. If you do not see the background image you want in this field, press F12 and verify the image is in the Files folder for your project. Once you copy the image into the Files folder, ePublisher displays it in the field list.
ePublisher Designer automatically transforms your source document images during project generation to an optimized version for online distribution. However, you can manually modify your project image settings through the Graphic Styles properties in Style Designer. In Graphic Styles, you can specify the following image settings: border styles and colors; width, height, and positioning; surrounding space (padding); maximum width or height; size, resolution, and color bit depth; file format and quality level; and transparency or grayscale appearance.
Character Style
Specifies a character style for your bullet to ensure the bullet character uses the correct font. Use any character style available in your project. To associate an existing character style with a custom bullet, select the character style in this field.