ePublisher Platform XSLT Extensions
void ReplaceAllVariablesInFile (string inputSassFilePath, object replacements)
Replaces a collection of SASS variables in a file with those specified by the user.
Path to the input SASS file.
Object that represents an XML collection of SASS variables.
Replaces matching variables in the input file with variables specified inside the replacements object.
<xsl:variable name="VarSassVariableReplacementsAsXML">
<wwsass:Variable name="footer_height" value="50px" />
<wwsass:Variable name="menu_width" value="100px" />
<xsl:variable name = "VarSassVariableReplacements" select="msxsl:node-set($VarSassVariableReplacementsAsXML)/*" />
<xsl:variable name="VarReplaceVariables" select="wwsass:ReplaceAllVariablesInFile('file.scss', $VarSassVariableReplacements)"/>