The only child element of the <RuleTraitsSet> element is <Options>. <Options> contains the child element <option>. See Example 2 for sample code.
The <option> element defines the parameters for the GUI’s Properties and Options Tabs in the Style Designer. A user may customize the Style Designer by making changes in this portion of the Format Trait Info (.fti) file.
<RuleTraits category="Graphic">
<Option name="file-extension" group="options" default=".jpg">
<OptionClass name="file-extension" />
<Option name="format" group="options" default="jpeg">
<OptionClass name="image-format" />
<Option name="color-depth" group="options" default="24">
<OptionClass name="color-depth" />
Example 2: Sample Code Illustrating Child Elements, Attributes, and Values in the <RuleTraitsSet> Element