Non-normative information : Changes from previous versions : Changes from DITA 1.0 to DITA 1.1
Changes from DITA 1.0 to DITA 1.1
(Non-normative) The DITA 1.1 specification was designed to be backwards-compatible with applications that conform to the DITA 1.0 specification.
The following major changes to the architecture provided added functionality for DITA 1.1:
A <bookmap> specialization for encoding book-specific information in a DITA map
A <glossentry> specialization for glossary entries
Indexing specializations for see, see-also, page ranges, and sort order
Improvements to graphic scaling capability
Improved short description flexibility through a new <abstract> element
Specialization support for new global attributes, such as conditional processing attributes
Support for integration of existing content structures through the <foreign> element
Support for new kinds of information and structures through the <data> and <unknown> elements
Formalization of conditional processing profiles