Part II: The Changing Role of Technical Communicators : Conclusion
Technical communication as a profession has seen enormous change over the past forty years. There is no longer a semi-predictable course to a career in technical communication. A strong basis in the writing process and technical writing skill is still essential, but the ability to adapt to the many new technologies and methodologies disrupting the business and communication space has become equally important. Today’s technical communicator is also seeing a change in the organizational chart, often times finding him or herself in greater alignment with product development and engineering teams. In addition, today’s technical communicator is witnessing the shift from author to author/moderator, one who has the ability to regularly communicate with end users via social media tools—making him or her a vital part of the feedback loop with the engineering team and ultimately the organization as a whole. Technical communicators are an essential part of product development and customer retention. It is a profession that has adapted remarkably throughout the ages, and one that will continue to do so as the Internet, mobile devices, social media and even the next big thing introduces its next revolution.