Beyond Technical Communication : You Have the Power to Change
You Have the Power to Change
Whose responsibility is it to work toward the goals outlined in the business strategy? In today's market, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of everyone within the organization, not just your sales and marketing teams. While sales and marketing are often the front lines, it is increasing the customer experience that can be the most profitable investment for a company. Creating an internal synergy of customer commitment throughout your organization is the only way to effectively build a solid foundation for the customer experience to rest on. As technical communicators, you have the opportunity to have clients’ attention more than almost anyone else in your organization. This opportunity should not be overlooked. Talk to your team and find out what your customer retention, product development, or other company goals are and make it a part of your daily tasks and priorities to use your documentation to help achieve your company’s goals and increase customer retention. Spending a little bit of time and effort to improve your existing customer experience can produce in multiples the revenue results of sales and marketing.